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These are some of the other series & programmes that have kept us busy in recent years and to the right is
a comprehensive list

Ultimate House 10x30 mins. Discovery Realtime
Following the trials and successes of designing and building a bespoke dream home on the South Coast.

Laugh Until You Die 30 mins. ITV West
A drama for the 'Western Lights' series starring Simon Pegg and Brian Murphy playing two rival stand-up comedians.

Hi-tech Vets 15x30mins. Animal Planet
15 part observational documentary series. Each programme followed the surgical treatment of an animal using the very latest techniques of Veterinary Science. Filmed at Cambridge Univ., Newmarket and the RCVS.

2001 – A Welsh Space Odyssey 1x40mins. BBC2 Wales
Observational documentary following a group of young scientists on their tour of NASA facilities at Houston & Cape Canaveral. Their tour was the prize in a school science competition and highlights included viewing a Shuttle launch, visiting the Apollo 11 launch pad, the Apollo 13 control room and experiencing first hand some of the astronaut training program.

An MG is Born 10x30mins. Discovery Realtime
One of the long running “is Born” series. In 10 parts Mark Evans strips and rebuilds a classic MGB roadster. We filmed most of the other “is Born” series –
Motor Bikes, Plane, Racing Car, Helicopter and the Ultimate 4x4.

Cures for Life
2x30 mins.
Documentaries for World Health Organisation conference charting 50 years of progress for pharmaceuticals and looking forward to future advances.
Locations: South Africa, US, Mozambique, Japan & Taiwan

Restoration Man 15x30 mins. Discovery Realtime
Factual series with Eric Knowles and Alan Herd. Uncared for but good pieces of furniture are bought at auction by Eric & Alan. Back at Alan’s workshop we follow the repair and restoration process and then see them back in the auction room selling - hopefully for a profit.

The House that Macintosh Built 15x30mins. Discovery Realtime
The only Rennie Macintosh designed interior built in England is carefully reconstructed & restored. Eric Knowles joins the teams of craftsmen in Northampton who bring this design treasure back to life.

Birdwatcher 3 x 6 part series HTV Wales
Series about the birdlife of Wales, following ornithologist Dee Doody on his expeditions into the wilds to capture footage of rare birds and explain how their lives fit into the habitats they occupy.

How to Build A House 15x30 mins. Discovery Realtime
How to build an eco-home from the ground up. Exploring the design & technology needed to make a home as green as possible on a challenging site near Cheltenham

BBC1 : Escape to the Country
BBC1 : Cash in the Attic
BBC2 : Johnny's Kingdom
BBC1 : The Really Wild Show
BBC1 : Watchout
BBC1 : Here & Now
BBC1 : Blue Peter
BBC1 : Vets in Practice
BBC1 : Ukool
BBC1 : The Lowdown
BBC2 : Everyman
BBC2 Wales: Hidden Histories
BBC2 Wales : Sotheby’s
BBC 1 Wales : Homeland - many series
BBC 2 Wales : A Welsh Herbal
BBC 1 Wales : The Royal Welsh Show
BBC 2 Wales : Hoofprints
Channel 4 : Model Behaviour
Channel 4 : Property Ladder
Channel 4 : Dispatches
Channel 4 : Stop, Look, Listen
Channel 5 : Dream Machine
Channel 5 : Animal Airport
ITV : Airline
ITV : Weddings from Hell
ITV : Soapstars
ITV : Neighbours from Hell
ITV : Queens of Comedy
HTV West : Good Health Guide
HTV West :
Can you Keep a Secret?
HTV West : Parents Unplugged
HTV West :
People & Pets
UK Living : Nurses
Animal Planet : Animal Frontline
Discovery Realtime : Narrowboat
Discovery Realtime : Barn Free
Discovery Realtime : Britain's Best Home
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Sky Sports
Sky Sports News
Teacher’s TV

The Minack Theatre
National Trust
Forest Stewardship Council
World Business Summit
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Espresso Education

Nationwide Building Society
Ashden Awards 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012
Lloyds Pharmacy
Natural England
Triodos Bank
Lloyds TSB Bank
Fire Protection Association (FPA)
HM Govt. Dept of Media & Culture
British Waterways
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